Bob Sichel released a part we did not see coming in 2015. His ‘Consolidating’ part produced by Taylor Hanley was on point. It had back yard rail set-ups to winch land gaps. Bob might be an underdog when you look at the past but in 2015 he brought his ‘A’ game. From double Tantrums off mega double-ups to hammer tricks at Area 52 –  Bob Sichel killed it.

Best 2015 trip you went on and why?
I stayed in California for 6 weeks this year filming for the Dog Dayz movie. We stayed at a really nice house on the delta (Thanks Cody) where we could do whatever we wanted haha and we took full advantage of it. Riding boat, winching, building, almost saw a fight… Joke, but not really. The hospitality was great and so was the entire crew which made the trip that much better, Thanks Team! Can’t wait to do it again.

Favorite trick you landed on film for the year?
I got a double Indy Tantrum off the double up… The falls suck, which makes riding away that much nicer

What would you say was your best video part of the year?
“Consolidating” by Taylor Hanley

Who do you think should be the 2015 rider of the year and why?
Aaron Rathy. Asking friends to judge friends can always be hard and everyone on the R.O.T.Y. roster killed it this year. All of the riders did things that pushed themselves, but I think Aaron went the hardest. The crazy which gaps, huge double ups, flipping up and off things at the park. Don’t forget about all of the beatings it takes to get that one shot. More often then not I was left thinking “how the f**k did he land that?” So my hats off to you Aaron.

Do you have many plans for 2016?
Working on a Nollie backside frontside off-axis Indy tantrum corked 1440 to revert… Flat box trick… It’s a work in progress. Hopefully some more traveling and lots of boarding.